History and Geology

Erosion of the Australian Alps between the last five to ten million years has formed many mineral sands deposits. The eroded minerals were carried down rivers to the sea where they settled and formed deposits.

Australia is rich in mineral sands and is the world’s largest producer, with the most famous mineral sands province formed from the Australian Alps being the Murray Basin, which has billions of tonnes of mineral sands.

The Gippsland Basin deposits formed from rivers flowing south out of the Alps into the Southern Ocean.

The Glenaladale deposit was discovered in 2004 by Rio Tinto and is the first significant mineral sands discovery made in Gippsland. Rio Tinto carried out extensive drilling, metallurgical and feasibility studies until it was acquired by Kalbar in 2013.

Kalbar has since undertaken extensive exploration and assessment of the ore body to define the extent and quality of the mineral resource.