Rehabilitation Examples

Mineral Sands SW Western Australia

Rehabilitation in Western Australia

For the mineral sands mines listed on the Department of Minerals and Petroleum website:
- Active mines (including under construction) – 12% of land rehabilitated
- Recently closed mines – 87% of land rehabilitated
- Rehabilitated mines undergoing monitoring – 98% rehabilitated


Cristal Mining

Cristal mining has successfully mined, rehabilitated and relinquished 17 of the 21 mines it has developed over 62 years of operations.

Three of the remaining sites have been rehabilitated and are undergoing closure.

Cristal (now Tronox) currently mines the Wonnerup site near Busselton.

The mine is a few hundred metres from a large avocado farm to the north and within 3 km of a Ramsar Wetland Site.

Wonnerup Mine, Western Australia

Active mine adjacent to a large avocado farm and within 3 km of a Ramsar Wetland Site. Within 3 km of the edges of the town of Busselton (which is one of the most popular tourist towns in WA).

Yoganup Mine, Western Australia

Located against the hills adjacent to the Swan Coastal Plain, WA. These mines have falls of between 30 and 50 metres across the mines and are bisected by streams running off the scarp.

Keysbrook Mine – Western Australia

Operating adjacent to the town of North Dandalup. Nearest neighbours are several hundred metres from the mine void. Mining adjacent to and partly through a conservation area.

Waroona Mine, Western Australia

Literally on the doorstep of the town of Waroona. On a sloping hill and intersected by a creek. Adjacent to hobby farms and nearby viticulture and horticulture.

Wemen Mine, Victoria

In the middle of major irrigation district and within 2km of the Murray River. Now a successful carrot farm.

Dardanup Mine, Western Australia

Near the town of Dardanup, adjacent to hobby farms, market gardens, nurseries and horse farms.

Stratham West Mine, Western Australia

Stratham (and Stratham West) Mines are near the town of Capel, adjacent to hobby farms, nurseries, horse farms and wineries (Capel Vale and Killerby).