Consultation Plan

Kalbar has prepared a Consultation Plan for the Environment Effects Statement in accordance with State Government guidelines. The Plan sets out the approach, methods and activities to be undertaken by Kalbar to meet our consultation responsibilities.

The objectives of the plan are:

  • To deliver effective stakeholder engagement and consultation through the EES process for the project.
  • To ensure affected stakeholders and interested parties are informed, consulted and involved in the EES process and their values, priorities and issues are acknowledged and addressed.
  • To encourage participation and input in the EES process, so that local knowledge, priorities and expertise can contribute to the process and outcome.
  • To provide timely, consistent, and open engagement with stakeholders throughout the EES process.

In line with the EES Process, our Consultation Plan guides the community consultation.

The Plan was most recently updated in May 2020.

Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project - EES Consultation Plan