Community Engagement

Community Information Session – 20th June 2019

   Thursday 20th June, 2019

A Community Information Session was held on 20th June 2019 at the Lindenow Hall to present summary findings of technical studies for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project Environment Effects Statement.

Presentations were made on the following studies:

  • Visual and Landscape; and
  • Socioeconomic Impact Assessment;

A general question and answer session followed the presentations.

This session enabled community members to hear presentations about the Technical Studies on Visual and Landscape and Socioeconomic Impact Assessments and ask questions of the technical consultants. Community members were also able to participate in a facilitated general question and answer session.

Detailed questions and answers from the evening consultation session are provided below:

Question & Answers – 20 June 2019

Summary information about the Technical Studies is provided in the Information Sheets and Presentations below:

Information Sheet – Visual and Landscape
Presentation – Visual and Landscape
Information Sheet – Socioeconomic
Presentation – Socioeconomic

Updates to the Project Overview section of the Fingerboards website have also been made a result of questions from the community session.