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Expressions of Interest to obtain copies of the EES

   Tuesday 11th August, 2020

Glenaladale, Victoria


When the Environment Effects Statement (EES) and related documents for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project are placed on public exhibition, the Victorian Minister for Planning will invite comments to be submitted during a 40-business day exhibition period. The timing for exhibition will be determined by the Victorian Minister for Planning.

This notice is not the invitation for public comments on the EES. It is an important message about obtaining copies of the EES documents.


The Victorian Minister for Planning has amended procedures and requirements of the Environment Effects Act 1978, given the declared state of emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Conventional exhibition of hard printed copies of the Fingerboards Project Environment Effects Statement (EES) document is not possible. In the absence of physical display of printed copies in public places, alternative arrangements have been made to ensure appropriate access to copies of the EES documents for any interested person/party.

When the EES and associated documents (eg draft Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA), and EPA works approval application) are placed on exhibition for public comment, we encourage as many people as possible to access and download these electronically via the Fingerboards EES website at

However, we understand this will not be the best way of viewing the EES for some people. To ensure we can meet your needs to access your own copy of the EES, we are calling for Expressions of Interest to be submitted. We can provide:

USB and Information Kit – free of charge

The USB will contain the complete EES, Draft Work Plan, Draft PSA and EPA Works Approval application, including all technical reports and appendices.

The Information Kit to accompany the USB contains:

  • EES Summary document
  • EES Map book
  • EPA works approval application
  • Project Description information sheet
  • Full suite of specialist study information sheets
  • Guide on how to navigate the EES
  • Guide on how to make a submission

Hard copy

For those members of the community who may have accessibility issues, or where electronic options are impracticable, hard copies may be requested free of charge. If you are requesting a hard copy of the EES Main Report and/or Specialist Study reports and/or the EPA works approval application, please state the reason why electronic format is not suitable.

If a hard copy is requested for any other reason other than for accessibility issues or where electronic options are impracticable, the following costs apply:

  • Hard copy EES Main Report - $25
  • Hard copy EES Technical reports/appendices
  • $20 for an individual report
  • $75 for a group of five reports
  • $200 for all Technical reports
  • Hard copy of everything (EES Main Report plus all Technical reports) - $225

To register interest in obtaining the EES and/or supporting documents, other than on-line, please contact Kalbar at or by calling 1800 791 396.

Members of the community who have already submitted an Expression of Interest do not need to resubmit their requirements unless they wish to make a change to their original request.