Kalbar Conversations Column

Introducing 'Kalbar Conversations'

   Friday 28th February, 2020

Chris Cook - Regional Manager

Over the next few months the Kalbar team will be sharing information about all manner of things to do with mineral sands and all the work that has so far gone on behind the scenes to determine the viability of developing the Fingerboards mineral sands deposit at Glenaladale.

Every day we have conversations with local community members, landowners, and businesses about the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project and we are keen to share this information with readers.

We have a wide range of technical experts on the Kalbar team who will talk to readers on topics which we feel sure you will find interesting.

We will share with you how mineral sands have formed over millions of years and why a mineral sands deposit even exists in Glenaladale. We will give you a glimpse into spatial science and how we measure and model the mineral deposit, the local environment, rainfall and weather conditions, and why this is important information to understand in mining.

The modern world depends on mineral sands and we will share information on how each and every one of us uses products in our daily lives which are mineral sands-based.

Ecology is another area of interest for our project – in fact we hope that the native grassland restoration project will play a key role in bringing a previously-thought-extinct species of grasshopper back in abundance to the Australian landscape.

We want to showcase the diversity of science, skills and expertise that applies to a mining operation and the level and volume of research that underpins whether or not a mine is a viable option to develop. We will also explain all the things we intend to do to help mitigate any perceived or actual risks.

In the world of mining, mineral sands are unique. We will do our best to illustrate how and why this is the case.

The Kalbar team hope that you enjoy our new fortnightly column and we encourage you to join the conversation.