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Opportunities for local suppliers

   Wednesday 14th April, 2021  -  Link to this article

Question: What is Kalbar’s policy on engaging local suppliers?

Answer: It is Kalbar’s policy to prioritise the use of local suppliers and businesses. Suppliers and businesses from outside the region will only be engaged where specialist work and skills cannot be sourced locally. As a major project for the East Gippsland region, we are committed to ensuring the project provides maximum benefit to the community and economy. Based on economic modelling completed, every $60 million invested in the project annually will have a total economic impact of more than $100 million and support approximately 200 indirect jobs (in addition to the direct project workforce).

Question: What types of opportunities will there be for local suppliers?

Answer: The range of products and services required by the Fingerboards project will be vast. Some examples of the services required include fabrication, mechanical and electrical services, general transportation, hydraulics, equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning, catering, vehicle maintenance and training, to name a few.

Question: Will Kalbar conduct future information sessions for local suppliers?

Answer: Kalbar has previously held a supplier breakfast to discuss project opportunities which was well attended by local suppliers and businesses. Once we know the outcome of the EES process, we will conduct further project briefings for local suppliers and businesses to be kept up to date with project opportunities and information. Suppliers can also keep up to date on the project via our Fingerboards website and project Facebook page.

Question: What has the level of interest been to date from local suppliers?

Answer: We are very excited about the level of interest received from local suppliers and businesses. The supplier breakfast held December 2018 resulted in approximately 50 local suppliers and businesses registering their interest for the project. Since then, registrations of interest from suppliers and businesses within the region has increased to nearly 150.

Question: How can local suppliers register their interest?

Answer: Interested suppliers can register an expression of interest via the ICN Gateway portal, https://gateway.icn.org.au, and search for the Fingerboards Project, or can email us directly at contactus@fingerboardsproject.com.au.

Suppliers are also welcome to visit our Shopfront at 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale, or call us on 1800 791 396 with any questions about the project or if assistance is required to register interest.

John Francisco - Project Director

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