Kalbar Conversations Column

Kalbar’s link with the Society for Ecological Restoration

   Wednesday 3rd February, 2021

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) was initiated in 1988. It is an international independent, non-government organisation (NGO) developing and disseminating knowledge and expertise aiming to reverse centuries of unsustainable human activities impacting on the earth’s natural environment. SER now has members in 70 countries with 12 country-based chapters (including SER Australasia - SERA). SER’s global network links scientists, practitioners, businesses, and policymakers to increase the uptake of ecological restoration and to re-establish more ecologically healthy relationships between humans and nature. 

SER (and its chapters) run conferences, workshops, and produce publications to increase awareness and to provide best-practice guidance on how ecological restoration is conducted. In 2019 SER launched its International Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration (developed by a diverse group of international restoration scientists and practitioners). These standards provide global guidance for those undertaking ecological restoration aiming to improve the effectiveness of their projects.

Kalbar joined SER as a business member in 2018. Given Kalbar’s ambitious restoration goals for the Fingerboards project, the company viewed joining SER as important for a number of reasons. These included supporting restoration networks, creating opportunities for staff to access cutting-edge information and support, and as a means to promote and exchange information about our restoration project and its progress.

Kalbar’s Manager of Ecological Restoration, Dr Paul Gibson-Roy has had a longer association with SER. He was a member of the standards reference group which developed the 2016 National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia, and a key-note speaker at the SERA 2018 Striving for Restoration Excellence national conference held in Brisbane. In 2020 Paul presented to international members on the status of the Australian seed sector, and in June 2021 will speak about restoring species-rich wildflower grasslands as an invited presenter to SER World Conference (including some reference to the Fingerboards project).

Kalbar and its staff are committed to undertaking industry-leading restoration at the Fingerboards project. A key feature of this is will be our focus on restoring species-rich grassy communities to parts of the post-mined landscape (something we hope to undertake with the support of the wider community). We anticipate our association with SER will help us, not only to achieve these restoration goals, but assist us in disseminating information on how this was done to the wider Australian and global communities.

Dr Paul Gibson-Roy – Manager Ecological Restoration