Project Bulletin

Project Bulletin - May 2020

   Friday 8th May, 2020

Welcome to our Project Updates for May 2020

In this bulletin you can read about:

  • Project update
  • Corporate change
  • Community engagement
  • Accessing the EES during the exhibition period

Project update

We want to keep you informed and look forward to updating you on our progress.
Development and construction of the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project will be a large undertaking. It will require a substantial investment of approximately $200 million in capital construction.

While the Environment Effects Statement assessment and subsequent approvals are still pending, the company is working on project implementation plans to ensure we are ready for the next steps required after the EES process is completed.

This has involved:

  • Preparation of the Work Plan for the project
  • Further detailed sampling and analysis of the ore body
  • Design of mining and transport infrastructure, utility services, mining plant, environmental management and monitoring processes
  • Establishing processes for project procurement and recruitment of the approximately 200 personnel required to build and then operate the project

Our recent announcement of a joint venture partnership with a major global equity partner is a key step in the evolution of the project.

Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd

The joint venture company, Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd, became operational on 1 May 2020. The formation of this new company marks the start of a new phase for the Fingerboards Project as we progress the EES and focus on our project implementation plans.

The appointment of our new CEO, Jozsef Patarica, is the first step in that transition.

We look forward to providing updates on these changes as they occur over the coming weeks.

EES community engagement update

The Fingerboards Project Environment Effects Statement is in the final stage of preparation and the next step is the Adequacy Review which immediately precedes the public review process.

Adequacy review involves doing a final check that the EES report and technical studies meet the scoping requirements set out by the Minister for Planning. We anticipate that this process will commence in mid-May and will take about four weeks. During this time Kalbar will formally request the Minister to authorise the EES for Public Exhibition.

As mentioned in our April Bulletin, we continue to develop alternative community engagement initiatives with a series of video presentations which will enhance the EES Exhibition. The first of these presentations providing an overview of EES key findings will be uploaded to the Fingerboards website in coming weeks.

As social restrictions continue, we are confident that we can meet our stakeholder engagement commitments and that the community will have every opportunity to access the EES and that all community members can have their say.

How would you like to access the EES?

We anticipate that some social restrictions and distancing rules will still be in place during the EES Public Exhibition, which is anticipated to occur in July.

Depending on those restrictions, it may not be possible for hard copies of the EES to be viewed at designated public locations.

In these circumstances we are looking at alternatives so that the community has ample opportunity to access the EES documentation and that submissions can be made.

These options include:

  • The Fingerboards Project website
    • All documentation including the EES Main Report, Technical Studies, summary Information Brochures and Technical Study presentations will be available for viewing or printing via the website.
  • USB
    • Community members may request a USB to enable all EES documentation to be downloaded electronically without internet access.
  • Tablet/e-reader hire
    • We are considering providing a limited number of tablets/e-readers which have the EES uploaded for viewing on screen. If provided, a refundable deposit would be required.
  • Hard copy
    • The full EES and accompanying Technical Studies will be approximately 8,000 pages in length and collated in several volumes. There will be a cost for obtaining a full hard copy.
    • The EES Executive Summary, Technical Information Brochures and ‘How to Make a Submission’ Information Brochures will be available at no cost to be sent on request via Australia Post or collected from the Kalbar office at 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale.

When we have a clearer indication of the dates for EES exhibition, and any changes to COVID-19 restrictions, we will publicly advertise these options and seek expressions of interest from community members who wish to make special arrangements for access to the documentation.

In the meantime, if you have a preferred method for accessing the EES documentation please e-mail us at:

Further information on the Fingerboards Project

For further information about the Fingerboards Project, the EES process and Technical Studies:

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  • Join our e-mail list for updates on the project
  • Call into our office at 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale
  • Call or e-mail us for further information, or to make an appointment to speak with one of our team

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